We quarry and refine domestic granite with over a hundred years of experience.

Tampereen Kovakivi Ltd is a Finnish family-owned company founded in Tampere in 1914. With over a century of experience, we value long-term expertise in stone. Our products consist of building and environmental stones, as well as needed stone blocks. Our customers include contractors, builders, public procurers, and private consumers. We are a significant player in the stone industry in Finland and the Nordic countries. Kovakivi is known for its high quality, reliability, and first-class stone material in both small and large stone deliveries.


Domestic natural stone is a responsible choice.

Finnish granite is used to build durable environment. Using Finnish stone is environmentally sustainable and sensible when promoting low-carbon building. Natural stone lasts exceptionally well and has an unbeatable carbon footprint compared to many other building materials. Especially over the longer term, stone is also a responsible choice, taking into account its almost eternal lifespan and low operating and maintenance costs.


Environmental Stone

Environmental Stone

Granite combines a beautiful and understated appearance with tough durability. It is suitable for use in various environmental settings, such as wall, bridge, and pool structures, street furniture and paving, as well as stairs, slabs, and edging. Surface treatments are typically flamed, cross-cut or split. Products are manufactured to customer specifications and needs upon order.


Construction Stone

Construction Stone

Granite is an excellent building material that can withstand various weather conditions. When used in building facades, foundations, and countertops, it adds a unique and valuable appearance to the property. Surface finishes typically include flamed, bush-hammered, rough-cut, or polished. Products are made to order according to the customer’s wishes and needs.

Stone types

Kuru grey granite is known for its high quality and durability.


Grey Granite

Kuru Grey is a fine-grained, directionless and uniform grey granite. Suitable for all indoor and outdoor applications. Kuru Grey granite is quarried in the Kuru and Kapee region north of Tampere. Having been in production for over a century, it is also a well-known stone worldwide.


Black Diorite

The general color of Kuru Black diorite is greyish black with white stripes that enhance its appearance. It has a fine-grained and unoriented texture. Suitable for all indoor and outdoor applications. Kuru Black diorite is quarried north of Tampere, near the Murole Canal. It has established its position as a special building and environmental stone in Finland. It has been quarried since the 1970s.


Redbrown Granite

Kuru Redbrown is a fine-grained, slightly directional granite with a strong reddish-brown color. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Kurun Puna­ruskea granite is quarried in the Parkkuu area north of Tampere. The stone has established its position as a special building and environmental stone in Finland, Sweden, and Denmark. The stone has been quarried since the 1970s.


Black Gabro

The general color of Kivijärvi Black is a solid black. The texture is medium-grained and unidirectional. There is minimal variation in color. It has good durability and weather resistance, and is suitable for all indoor and outdoor applications.

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