With over 100 years of experience, Finnish granite for both small and large projects.

Looking forward, drawing from history.

With the experience that comes from a long history, we know how to work with stone. References can be seen in multiple locations in Finland and Scandinavia. Hard stone is known for its high quality, reliability, and top-notch stone material.


Redbrown Granite


Tampere Tramway Project

We have delivered the project’s curb stones, kerbstones, and street stones for Hämeenkatu, Niemenranta and Hervanta road. The materials used are Kurun grey, Kurun red-brown and Kurun black granite.


Private Yard

This stunningly beautiful yard featured granite in many forms. The varying heights of the yard were staggered with Kurun gray retaining walls. The entrance was paved with Roman granite laying. Kurulainen granite was also used extensively for massive stairs, planting pools, border stones, and environmental furniture.


Gray Granite


Gray Granite


Nokia Arena

The surfaces of the main entrance to the arena, planting basins, and main staircases were made with Kurun grey granite, and guiding attention slabs were made with Kivijärvi black granite.

Göteborg, Sweden

Skeppsbron Göteborg

The reconstruction of the old harbor area used Kuru grey granite as surface materials. Burnt surface tiles were used for the outdoor flat surfaces, while the public facade of the transportation hub was made of split surface tiles. The indoor floors used burnished/brushed surface tiles.


Gray Granite

Projects throughout the years

Skate Parks

The properties of the Kurun grey granite have been noticed in numerous skateparks where we have supplied the stone. The fine-grained and even stone offers a good feeling when skating. The durability of the stone is also essential in a location where it undergoes heavy wear and tear.

Gråbo, Ruotsi

The memorial site was constructed using red granite from Taivassalo and grey granite from Kuru.

The Marble Church, Denmark

The exterior tiling of The Marble Church was realized with green granite from Ylämaa.

Saimaa Canal Bridges, Lappeenranta and Joutseno

The block-cut stone cladding and deck stones of Saimaa Canal bridges were made from Kurun grey granite.

Walk of Fame, Tampere

The Walk of Fame – Star paved stones and star plates are made of grey granite from Kuru and black granite from Korpilahti.

Kviberg park Göteborg, Sweden

Kuru gray massive stairs with attention stripe were made to the hotel and sports hall courtyard area.

Mall of Scandinavia Solna, Sweden

Façade and floor surfaces made of grey granite from Kuru.

Hyhkyn School, Tampere
We delivered Kurun grey granite to this location. Including solid steps, entrance slopes, curb stones and paving.
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